Washing Disinfection

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Welcome to LYNX Product Group. We are proud to offer our Life Sciences and Healthcare customers the design, build, and reputation of premium brand washing equipment. With an industry heritage spanning over 30 years, LYNX equipment makes the task of cleaning and disinfection easier, simpler and more effective. Our products are essential to healthcare and laboratories worldwide.

→ Featuring the LYNX "Standard" Two Year Warranty!

Our Systems

Life Science Products
Healthcare Products
  • Bottle Fillers

  • Decontamination Chambers

  • Cage and Bottle Washers

  • Cage and Rack Washers

  • Tunnel Cage Washers

  • Bedding Dispensers

  • Cart and Utensil Washers

  • Clean Bedding Delivery

  • Waste Bedding Disposal

  • LYNX Modular Wall System